Sherri James asked herself a simple question:  Since a lifetime is a string of days, wouldn't a string of good days make a good life?  The arc of that trajectory which began with that question landed her in Athens, Ohio.  Athens, a small progressive college town in Appalachia, is a place of rolling hills, woodlands, and ancient hollows.  A place where she and her family walk to school, the library, and the organic grocery.  A place where neighbors know each other, and where a simple walk around the block after dinner can get you invited up to a friend's porch, offered a glass of wine, and engaged in rich conversation for the evening.


Then came those mornings after.  What to do with the leftover bottles?  Because green glass was not recycled at that time, the idea for Blue Moon Bottles was hatched.  The genesis of her designs was a desire to divert this material considered "disposable" from the waste stream to create something lasting and timeless.  Her bottle collection from neighbors and area restaurants  has helped save many tons of discarded bottles from landfills.

From collecting bottles to the finished pieces, Sherri is Blue Moon Bottles.  With many years of experience, Sherri's work is executed professionally and beautifully, and still by hand.


A few words about fire polishing:  this popular method of finishing the edges of cut bottles is incredibly fast and much less laborious than the hand polishing method used at Blue Moon Bottles, but one should know that it is an extremely energy-intensive process with its use of kilns for heating and annealing.



Blue Moon Bottles is now 100% solar powered art!


Thank you for considering bottle reclamation art.  If you place an order, it will be packaged perfectly using less than perfect recycled shipping materials from local chain stores and local online shoppers, and you will have chosen a truly low-impact, professionally handmade work of art.    

Blue Moon Bottles   |   by sherri james   |   Athens, Ohio   |   740-707-4746